Device Independence

Xenplate allows users to experience the same user interface across Android, Windows and in their browser. Apps are available for each operating system that allow Xenplate content (Plates) to be run with as closely as possible the same appearance. This allows users to move freely between devices and minimises training requirements. Device families can be mixed in any combination: for example an Android phone can be used to backup a Windows tablet. The phone and tablet will synchronise together and data can be viewed and entered on either device.

Plates can hold both data structure and workflow and are rendered correctly on each type of device; the system is intelligent in that how a Plate is rendered depends on the capabilities of the device. A 'Take Picture' control will render as a button labelled 'Capture' on a tablet and will activate the camera but will render as 'Upload Image' if run in a web browser and open a Choose File dialog.

Xenplate allows multiple versions of a Plate to be saved so that the appearance may be tailored to particular devices or screen sizes. The system will ensure that the appropriate version is sent to each device. It is also possible to include Plates designed to be easier to use by those who are hard of sight or who suffer colour blindness.

Users may share devices and it is easy to switch users safely; users are able to re-synchronise their Plates on new devices so that the familiar interface can be carried forward


Example of a Plate being tailored to a particular screen

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