Automated Messaging


Xenplate has the capability to accept SMS, email and voicemail from third parties and route these messages automatically to the senders' records on the mobile devices used by their managers. Incoming messages are monitored by Xenplate and transferred to the mobile devices using Xenplate Smart Synchronisation. Third parties can be customers, service users, patients etc.

A central live dashboard shows the status of all current messages and indicates whether or not a message has been actioned. Automated workflow ensures that chases are sent to staff by SMS and escalation procedures are built in to ensure that messages don’t go unanswered.

Built in reporting shows the status of all messages and response times are displayed making it easy to measure performance. Staff members’ mobile phone numbers are never revealed to the external parties and similarly, messages sent to the third parties are recorded centrally and sent from the service. Messages for third parties can be entered on the mobile devices and will be handled by the Xenplate Cloud. If a staff member replies to an SMS message, it will be stored centrally in the third party's record and automatically forwarded to the third party from the Xenplate Cloud SMS service, hiding the sender’s mobile number.

By using Xenplate, a large percentage of third parties contacts can be automatically recorded, measured and tracked. Third parties receive a better, more interactive service and the organization can avoid many of the unnecessary and costly manual steps required to handle and pass messages.

These features transform the experience of both the third party and of your staff members.


  • Xenplate can be used to manage external party (eg patient) consents
  • Dedicated numbers available for incoming external party text messages
  • Dedicated numbers available for incoming voicemail from external parties
  • Dedicated email addresses to accept incoming external party email
  • Automatic routing of incoming messages to third party's record
  • Automatic alerting by SMS if message not handled in agreed time
  • Automatic escalation to alternate staff member if message not handled to agreed workflow
  • Automatic reporting to line managers of out of band performance
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